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Miller Minute

Being married to a photographer has made me think of images and videos in a completely different way, which is a blessing and a curse when it comes to capturing moments with my boys. I now catch myself being very aware of the background when I am taking a snapshot of a boy doing something which sometimes keeps me from capturing what I wanted to. I have dreamt of how I need to organize all of my (lets be honest iPhone) images and videos of the boys with the thought of making graduation and wedding slide shows.

Last year or maybe two years ago I had thought of doing a daily shot of the boys to make one of those compilation videos of kids growing but I am not sure I even made it a week. This year out of the blue I decided to make weekly videos of the boys to keep it compact and manageable for myself. Now with each week I am being intentional to capture both stills and videos of my boys so I can create the weekly montage for us to look back on. I posted this video on my Facebook on Sunday but here it is again, The Miller Minute Week 1 2018.

I won’t post each video here so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel Nothing Like I Expected to follow along. Hopefully my video making skills will improve as we go along as well.

What is something you do with your images and videos? How have you captured and commemorated your world around you? Videos? Printed pictures? Photo books? Strictly Instagram or Facebook?

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