Strengthening Unexpected: Memorial Stones

Memorial StonesOne of the most impactful things I have ever done in my walk with the Lord is journal. For me the pages I have filled are like memorial stones to look back on and see God’s faithfulness. God is no fool; He knew that we would be quick to forget His faithfulness so He commanded Joshua to set up Memorial Stones in remembrance of crossing over into the Promised Land. The need of a physical reminder is so vital. To put something in position that future generations could ask, “what is this about?” Causing the previous generation to recall where they have been and share with the younger generation so they could learn from it. Continue reading

Strengthening Unexpected: Reflections of David

Reflections of DavidThere is little in this world that I love more than scripture. The Word of God has been a refuge for me over the years; it has been my greatest source of comfort and correction. The Bible is full of epic adventures, raw love stories, monumental mistakes and powerful redemption. I have great admiration the book of Psalm because it is familiar, often times in the Reflections of David I see me. One particular psalm I have gone back to repeatedly over the years is the second half of Psalm 143, which reads: Continue reading

Strengthening Unexpected

Life comes in seasons, there are ebbs and flows, some are short while others seem to drag on forever. When you find yourself in a season where you quite literally feel like you are being torn apart by the rip tide of life you have to pull from an inner strength often times we are unaware that you even have. When one is a follower of Christ it is their duty as a disciple to continuously strengthen their inner man so when they are caught in a metaphorical rip tide they can not only survive but they can draw on an inner strength that attracts the world around them to their source. It is a beautiful thing when you watch a believer radiate Christ in the midst of affliction. Continue reading