Motherhood: When Your 4 year old Challenges You

Bedtime routines are sporadic at best around here. I know everyone says a solid bedtime routine is vital for kids and I have tried to set one repeatedly but fail. To be honest by the time we get to bedtime my main thought is just stay in your room and don’t be too loud because all I want is peace and serenity. One thing we do most consistently is pray. Often times the boys ask to pray for random things such as the wall, ceiling fan or a stuffed animal but there are some nights when it is for people. Usually, we just ask Jesus to help them sleep but the other night it went deeper.

Out of nowhere my oldest asks to pray for someone who had hurt him deeply long ago. This in and of its self was not completely surprising. He has prayed for their sleep more than once since he was hurt but he went on. When he was done with the light weight “go-to” prayer, he then told me he wanted to ask Jesus to tell the person not to do what they did again. I told him that was a good idea and he went on to ask Jesus to move on that person. Continue reading