Minute Monday

Are You a Thermometer or a Thermostat?

Nothing Like I Expected - Minute Monday

Last time on Minute Monday I talked about my desire for 2018 to be a year of intentionality for myself. Well intentionality can only fully happen when self-evaluation has happened. The first thing that I have decided to take under advisement is if I am a thermometer or a thermostat. When I first heard Kris Vallotton ask that question I…

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Free For All Friday

Miller Minute

Being married to a photographer has made me think of images and videos in a completely different way, which is a blessing and a curse when it comes to capturing moments with my boys. I now catch myself being very aware of the background when I am taking a snapshot of a boy doing something which sometimes keeps me from…

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Winning Wednesday

Winning Wednesday: Seeing the Gifts

(Christmas Eve Pajama gift, super early in the day because everyone was feeling crummy) Do you just love it when you get to the end of your day and you can sit back, let out a sigh and exclaim today was a win! Not going to lie, those days were my favorite but they always seemed fleeting until I chose…

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