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Welcome to Free For All Fridays! I am so excited about this new segment of my blog, Fridays are going to be a free space for creativity. A place to share what God is doing, little life updates, DIYs and I am hoping to even do a few giveaways this year. Here’s hoping I stick with it and I give you all some fun things to read about.

I had planned on doing a post about our Christmas with pictures of the boys and different amazing gifts buuuut that would mean I would have needed to get the images by now, oops. Instead for this initial post I am going to expand on a nugget God dropped in my heart a year ago today, thanks “On This Day” on Facebook for the reminder.

Free For All Fridays

When I re-read what I wrote this morning I was instantly taken back; Emerson was 4 days shy of being a month old and I was in awe of the fact that with my fourth I still loved every moment of soaking him in as I did with my first, maybe more knowing how truly fleeting those moments are. His response although not shocking, because I have seen His heart for us through the scriptures, still rocked my world that morning. To get a fresh reminder of how intimately He loves us, with the love of a Father greater than any earthly father can give, than I can give. Love is an area I tend to believe I do well but I can’t come close to matching God’s love.

I have always loved reading throughout the scriptures and discovering how the Creator of the Universe sees us. The imagery of Psalm 91 as a fortress (verse 2) or as a mother hen (verse 4) had been a nice idea until I had kids of my own and now I want nothing more to always be a safe place my children run and I will forever protect them as a mother hen protects her chicks. In Psalm 139 it gives in detail how particular God was in creating us. How His thoughts outnumber the grains of sand; did you know, a pinch of sand has more than a 1,000 grains and sand is constantly being made in the oceans as larger items break down? How incredible is that?! His thoughts towards us are infinite and I thought I pondered about my kids a lot.

His heart is truly FOR us. Often I forget that in the hustle and bustle of life as waves are getting me down that He wants whats best for me more than I do, so much so sometimes He will ignore my requests that will ultimately bring me pain. He allows the struggle so I can become strengthened in Him.

My hope for you today is that you would take a moment and sit in the Father’s lap, let Him lavish you in His love (1 John 3:1), to cover you in kisses and to receive His perspective on where you are in this point and time.

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