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Hey hey party people! Apparently here on Free For All Fridays you are going to get me in a more relaxed state, so hang with me and I hope you enjoy the ride. On this installment I am going to share about my new obsession, Sseko (Say-ko) Designs. My friend Erin introduced me to this company this last spring/summer and I have been drooling over their leather products for months and this Christmas Ian bought me some goodies. Can I just say they did not disappoint!

Sseko Designs was strategically fashioned to create beautiful products in order to send women to University in Uganda. It all started with a pair of ribbon sandals and a woman on a mission and it has grown to an evolving company that currently employs 50 women in Uganda along with Fellows like my friend Erin. They have successfully sent 87 women to University as well. (How cool is that?!)

Ian got me the Oversized Bole Clutch (check it out here) for my laptop and it is GORGEOUS! The leather smells divine and is so soft. I wish I could write as dramatic as I would say all of these things because oh my word it is WON-DER-FUL!!! Seriously, you guys, its a dream. Just look at her, yes I just gave my laptop case a pronoun, judge if you must. FYI its currently on sale!

He also got me the product that started it all, the coveted Ribbon Sandals. These shoes, you guys, they are not only super cute and versatile they are comfortable. This past Sunday before it got crazy cold here in Texas I decided to wear them because I was tired of waiting and now I can’t wait for spring to come so they can become my all the time shoe. I wore them to the grocery store and then on a hike out by the lake and they were a dream. WHEN you decide to get a pair of your own have my friend Erin tell you her wrapping trick because you can literally hike in them without the shoe falling off, you won’t regret it.

(Don’t judge my toes to harshly, it’s the dead of winter up here in the northern hemisphere)

What I love most about this company is everything is done with a sense of integrity and ethics. The leather used is ethically sourced. The products are made and signed (the tag at least) by the woman who made it in Uganda. The story is carried and shared by Fellows who are a vital link to a whole world of women being empowered to do more. Sseko is truly a remarkable company and I am grateful to have found it so I can not only have beautiful bags and shoes but I can help women further their dreams! If you are like me and companies like this piqué your interest but you want to know more go here and here to discover more.

One last thing, a shameless plug for my friend Erin who introduced me to this amazing company. I have known/known of Erin since a huge group trip over New Years Eve 2009 and we fully connected over last year. All I really want to say is she is amazing and if you have ANY interest in Sseko feel free to reach out to her on her Facebook group A Brave Beginning. She will be able to give you far more in-depth info on this stellar company. Also, she is the one who invited me on the hike last Sunday, can you say 2 hours without kids (there are 6 boys between us)? It was GLORIOUS! (She even documented it)

Go take a look at all of the amazingness and tell me what item you love in the comments! I am kind of in love with this bag here.

***Also, I am in no way being compensated for this post BUT if a lot of you like the stuff maybe I can plan a giveaway so let me know if you too have fallen in love with Sseko***

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