Her Husband: Ian Miller

A man like Ian Miller is a rare find these days. He is kind, creative, gentle yet strong and extravagant in numerous of ways, to list a few of his many wonderful qualities.  My whole life I thought I would marry a man who was consumed by sports and was less than interested than getting in touch with his feelings.  I partially felt this way because I enjoyed watching sports and liked the idea of snuggling up on the couch watching the game.  Plus I didn’t mind the thought of having someone who didn’t make me face my emotions, I am one of those who ignores her feelings until she has a meltdown and move on kind of girls.

Well, Ian is not really interested in watching sports and he has been the key to me feeling true genuine emotions, I don’t always like it but I always need it.  He doesn’t sit idly by while I am struggling with something and I am wanting to ignore it. Instead he comes to me and encourages me to embrace my emotions and move forward from there.  He is incredible.  He is Nothing Like I Expected my husband would be but he is EVERYTHING I never knew I needed.

Ian is a loving husband and wonderful father as well as the lead photographer for our business MVision Photography.  His passion for photography is at times consuming but it makes for outstanding pieces of art when he is finished.  Our desire with MVision is to create pieces of art to pass down for generations to come.  Currently we specialize in wedding and senior portrait photography.  He also currently is working as Valet at The Airport Valet in order for me to be a stay at home mom. I am blessed to have a man who will work so hard to provide for his family.

Here is a shot from our wedding that I believe encompasses Ian quite well.  His eyes show off his kind and gentle heart, his suit shows his extravagant nature (Armani, not even kidding) and although you can’t really see the whole wedding in this shot he basically coordinated it all, beautifully I might add, which shows his creative eye that I have come to love.


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