May the 4th be With You!



may the 4th be with you star wars baby announcement ideas creative


“May the 4th be With You” photo shoot Starring:

Ian Solo

may the 4th be with you han solo costume photo shoot May the 4th Shoot2181 May the 4th Shoot2188

Princess Lauren

may the 4th be with you star wars photo shoot princess leia May the 4th Shoot2167-Edit May the 4th Shoot2171-Edit

Judah Fett:

creative kid costumes star wars boba fett May the 4th Shoot2121 May the 4th Shoot2124

Darth Levi

May the 4th Shoot2130 May the 4th Shoot2131 May the 4th Shoot2136


May the 4th Shoot2139 May the 4th Shoot2140 May the 4th Shoot2143

The Whole Miller Family

star wars family photo shoot May the 4th Shoot2196-Edit


May the 4th be With You!

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When Love Hurts

Water Gardens

Date Night with my Love just before we were engaged at Fort Worth Water Gardens

Oh, baby Lauren and Ian. So long ago. Our journey of love as we were headed towards marriage wasn’t free of hurt and heartache but the lessons I learned along the way have helped me ride out each wave of pain since. This is an exert out of my journal in the middle of our relationship on the way to the altar.

18 March 2010: Such torment comes with love. I hadn’t the foggiest. When I came home in August the last thing I expected to do was fall in love and that is just what happened. I fell head over heels in love with Ian Scott Miller. I tried not to but there was no stopping my heart. With every passing day the fear of it all faded and I embraced this new set of feelings that I never imagined would happen to me. It was wonderful. It was the greatest thing in the whole entire world. The sky was bluer, air fresher, aromas sweeter, life was brilliant and love songs never made more sense. Everything seemed to be right, not perfect but right. Butterflies took up residency in my stomach and I didn’t seem to mind. My life suddenly didn’t just involve me and what I wanted but it was what we wanted. My days were consumed with anticipation for his phone calls and longing for the next time we could possibly hug. I had never imagined life being so sweet. First loves truly are magical. Continue reading

The Mark of 2015

I love fresh starts. I love clear ends. This may be why I love the New Year. One thing is definitively over and new thing is clearly beginning. I often take New Year’s Eve to look back at the last year lived as well as look ahead to what is to come. Last year at this time I was anxiously awaiting Zealand’s birth. Desperation to rid myself of the beach ball that had taken up residence under my clothes was what I was most looking forward to. He graciously made his appearance 26 days into this year much to my surprise seeing that it was only one day past my due date and he came on his own. (Not something that had happened ever before) Continue reading