One of THOSE Days

Today was straight up a comedy of errors, so much so I feel as though it needs to be documented so in a year or so when I am scrolling through my blog I can have a good gut laugh because in this moment all I want to do is cry. Have you ever had one of those days? Where for nearly 12 hours something or everything went wrong? Thankfully somehow in the midst of the insanity I was still quasi productive so I am going to put today in the win column even thought my day went like this…

The big boys actually slept in until after 7 this morning. I was texting Ian telling him of my shock and how I was scared to move and he told me to pretend their was a T-Rex in my room. Yep, we reference Jurrasic World in our home because I live the boy mom life. 

Within 10 minutes our T-Rex had captured me and I naively thought that today would go smoothly. I want to go back to 7:30am Lauren and pat her on the head and tell her how cute she is. I was determined to be productive and get us started off right this week. Got the boys breakfast, started cleaning as I listened to my all time favorite podcast The Liberation Project: A Movement for Manhood (yes, I know it’s am podcast for dudes but again, boy mom life). When breakfast was through I started working on the piles of laundry. I was having Judah go through our giant bag of random socks to find matches as I folded other random pieces. (Just some of the ones he folded)This is when the day got really fun. Zealand decided he wanted to help put up clothes and I thought cool you know your drawers this is awesome. Here is where I now double over in laughter because this…

That is the contents both of his drawers on the floor. Oh the hilarity. Mind you it’s not that much past 10 at this point. I took a deep breath sent them outside so I could find myself food and take care of the mess. Well of course because I want to eat suddenly Emerson is starving. An hour goes by between me eating and nursing and nothing else gets done. Zee and Levi get soaking wet because they think dumping water on themselves is a good idea. I put Zee in the bathtub to play and start working on lunch. Boys eat and I think okay cool it’s getting better. I convince the boys to clean up the den and I actually get it quasi vacuumed and we play a game I created last Friday 

When we were done playing I had a major headache so I got something for it and sat down to nurse Emerson to sleep, which was successful, thank you Jesus. I thought to myself “finally, I can get some things done while the big boys play!” Again I sit here laughing as I write this thinking oh you sweet sweet dumb naive girl. It was now later in the afternoon and I realize Zealand has taken off his underwear, I asked him if he had peed, he said yes. When I asked him to show me where I was not expecting what I got. You see, we have buckets with the kids names on them where we store their shoes. He took off his underwear and lightly sprinkled in each one. My solution was to contain him in one place so I put him in a laundry basket and turned on Dinosaur Train. See the epic pile of laundry on the couch?

As I laughed, because I thought it was the better option than screaming or crying I began to whip up dinner. With all my efforts it felt as though NOTHING got done. Zealand asked to get back in the bath (for him it’s like a wading  pool) which I did not protest because when he is confined the least amount of damage is done, well except for when he poops in it *facepalm*In the midst of cleaning that up Levi got stuck in his closet because why not climb anywhere you possibly can???Since Ian was home he of course didn’t want me to get him down but Abba!

On Monday’s Ian has a group he goes to at Gateway so he merely comes home for dinner and heads out. Which means bedtime is on me. I intentionally run the boys like crazy all day and do a movie as I put down Emerson in hopes that Zee will pass out and the rest of bedtime will be relatively easy. Before nursing I had to make second dinner because everyone was STARVING so grilled cheese all around.  When I was done putting Emer down I walked into the living room to Zee passed out (Hallelujah!) but not before stepping into a puddle of pee. (Precisely why we don’t have a dog people)

As I sit here reflecting on the day in the silence before Ian gets home I am oddly proud. The last couple of years have been rough. My sanity has been iffy at best and my attitude towards my boys has been pathetic at times. Did I lose my cool today? Sure. But it was nowhere near where I was even 6months ago. I felt like before I was living in the constant state of “scary mommy” but today it was moments. That is a victory! I am grateful! I love my boys so ridiculously much! They challenge me daily, they call me to a higher standard. Everything I do is for them, so they can be launched off my shoulders and go light years beyond what I could even dream. 

Praying that tomorrow is a little less eventful. 

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