Motherhood, Choose To Re-Focus

Every mom (at least I hope I am not alone) at some point or another has one of those days. You know the ones where you want to scream *your choice bad word* at the top of your lungs because you think it will be cathartic. The ways you end up there are countless all I know is when you end up there by 8 on Monday morning its time to step back and re-evaluate how you are going to spend your day. I could stay angry, scary mommy until bedtime since today is one of those solo from sun up to sun down kind of days or I can choose to re-focus and make it a good day.

You are powerful. You are mom. You set the tone of your home. What do you want your kids to remember at the end of the day? Being scared you were going to lose it on them or that you chose to make it a good day and in that you were choosing to love them fiercely? Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy. Today for me it looks like giving the kids food, strapping the littlest in a high chair, putting Bethel Kids on YouTube and hiding in my room decompressing with coffee writing this. For some getting out of the house or taking a quick shower could  be the key to success. I used to have an endless list of excuses of why I couldn’t possibly grab a second to recompose but really there is always a way. Your kid may not love being strapped in somewhere or having to stay in their crib but if it will allow you 10 minutes to gather yourself and make you a better mom it is worth it.

I am grateful that I don’t have to wait until tomorrow for my do over. I am grateful that me yelling at my kids to quiet down because their brother is asleep (yes, I see the irony) doesn’t have to set the tone for my entire day. I am grateful for a Savior who makes ALL things new, even my putrid attitude. I am grateful that even when I am high emotions and low energy that I can still have a good day caring for the boys I love so much.

So, Mommas don’t allow the enemy to wreck your day with a sour mood. Be the brave, beautiful, powerful people that you are and kick your bad day to the curb. You got this. We got this. Now lets raise this generation to live life to the fullest!


They deserve me at my best, even if they turn my world (and my furniture) upside down.

Motherhood: Unplugged, The Beginning

The more I choose to embrace the fact that I am indeed a mom (yes, I am still learning to embrace motherhood four plus years in) the more I realize how disengaged I really am. This goes for far more than just motherhood but life in general. I am becoming more aware of the fact that I am not fully present in life. I have ways of distracting, ways of justifying and ways of ignoring what really needs to be done both around me and in me. Which lead me to my new self-challenge, 30 days of going unplugged. I am not completely giving up social media or my phone but I am going to be putting my phone on the beautiful “do not disturb” setting from the time the first child wakes up until bedtime (or Abba takes over depending on the day). I am going to work on structure and discipline with the boys which will ideally lead to rest times during the day which will be glorious for this always tired expecting mama to be.

I am hoping that I can utilize this time to regain vision for my family but also for myself. I have no doubt I am walking exactly where it is God called me to but motherhood is HARD. There are days where I adore it and others where I just want them to be quiet and leave me alone. I want to fully know what it is God wants me to do in this season. I want to see my dreams come to life, heck I want to fully know what my dreams are.

I had a friend recently decide not to listen to secular music for two weeks because they were hungry to hear God more clearly. In those two weeks they were intentional and God honored their desire and indeed they began to hear God on a more regular basis. They said something absolutely brilliant about that experience that it was as though they were sitting in front of a TV and there was a glare coming from the window so strongly you couldn’t begin to make out an image and that in closing the blinds they could see something that was there all along. It’s not as though the picture on the screen was non-existent before they shut the blinds it was just invisible due to the glaring sun.

I am hoping that this time unplugged will be like me shutting the blinds, helping me to see the glory that is already before me. I don’t know how many times Judah will be asking me to look at something and he will directly tell me to use my eyes. Sure there are times I glance quickly because I am driving or I am in the middle of doing something that needs my attention but how often is that said when I am on my phone? I don’t want my boys to remember me glued to a screen; I want them to remember me glued to them and what it is they are doing.

I am tired of living with things that numb me. I am ready to fully be. I am ready for Motherhood Unplugged. Motherhood Unplugged

To the Christians Who Openly Disdain Trump

To the Christians Who Openly Disdain Trump:

I don’t care your political views or the countless reasons why you don’t want to see Trump in office. I don’t care that you disagree with him building a wall or calling himself a Christian. I don’t care that the candidate you back is the better option for our country, they may be. What I care about is the fact that you spew hate, which is the over arching argument why most of you say you can’t back Trump. Do you see the problem here?

Do you see how calling someone a bigot because they support Trump is a little far fetched? It’s like saying you like dogs therefore you are a dog. To openly declare that someone can’t be a Christian and support Trump is absurd. I think of countless times the righteous rightfully stood by the wicked. I think of Daniel and his time in Babylon and of David with Saul. Those men honored the headship of the country they were in and loved them.

I don’t know if Trump is a Christian. I don’t know if he would have been the one that I picked out of the crowd (but I probably wouldn’t have picked David out of his brothers, so I don’t know if I would trust me). What I do know is God loves fiercely and doesn’t even desire for the wicked to perish (Ezekiel 18:32). I also know that He relentlessly pursues and will use whatever measure necessary to win the heart of His child. Maybe, just maybe, God loves Trump and maybe, just maybe He is using this election to woo Trump to Himself. You don’t have to support Trump politically but as someone professing to be a follower of Christ why not love him? Why not honor him? Don’t vote for him if you don’t agree with him but don’t attack him at every chance you get. What message are we sending the world when we are filled with just as much hate as the next person? The beauty of being a follower of Christ is that we have true love residing within us.

By NO means am I saying I do this perfectly but my desire is to always be growing towards love.

So please, can we stop with the finger-pointing and the name-calling? Can we choose to love even those we don’t agree with? Can we stand as one so the world will be drawn to the one we love so much? Now is the time to bring unity to the body for the Bridegroom is longing to come for His bride.