Leap, Leaping, Leaps

LeapsAs I sit here on my couch, watching the sun rise, praying to God that my boys don’t wake up my mind is overflowing with thoughts of this year. Sure we are only two months into it but it has already been monumental in our family. Even today’s date is in a way monumental being that the 29th of February only comes around once every four years. 2015 may have been gut-wrenching, vomit inducing and all around awful but there is something about 2016 renewal, hope and a whole lot of leaping. Those leaps that are prompted by faith and expectation of greatness, the leaps that you look back to, point at and say, “There. Right there is when this remarkable thing took flight.” Leaps you do not regret.

In my life I have often played it safe, I would alway weigh my options and not rock the boat but I am proactively choosing to change that about myself. I am ready to fully embody the woman I have dreamt of being. I am ready to leap. I am ready to fall. I am ready to look like a fool. I am ready to become the woman I was so perfectly designed to be, even if it means messing up in the process. Change, growth, birth are all messy and painful but are rarely met with regret on the other side.

I have made the discovery that one rarely leaps alone and that leaping leads to a chain reaction of others taking the plunge as well. It’s as if one chooses to jump from a cliff into beautiful water beneath and all of their friends decide to join in holding hands. They feed off each other’s energy and while being linked together the chance that fear will win and keep them back is far less likely. I have a good friend who has walked with me through countless endeavors for the better part of a decade. She is the greatest encourager you will ever meet, pushing all those around her to fulfill their heart’s desires. (I could continue gushing over how awesome she is but I may lose where I am going) This year she took a leap (with a friend) one that was full of risk and uncertainty but in that she has yet again challenged me to self-examine and ponder what my heart longs to leap for.

I think this year will be full of leaps for me. Some bigger than others but it will be a year where I look back point and say “that is the year where (blank) changed in me.” Leaps such as this blog. Leaps like re-focusing and doing things for me. Leaps in changing diets and habits for our family. I am ecstatic to jump in on other people’s leaps too, by supporting their big dreams and new business ventures. What’s your leap for 2016? Who are you pushing towards a leap? Who is pulling you towards yours?

Happy LEAP Day to all!


Motherhood: Sorority Unexpected

Motherhood: Unexpected Sorority

My Initiation Kid. Gosh, he’s cute.

I unknowingly joined the hardest sorority roughly five years ago. Getting in a sorority is usually the most challenging part where pledges have to do ridiculous stuff to be granted inclusion. This club is different the initial getting in is dare I say, fun. Not every member chooses to stay. Some brave souls realize they are not yet ready for the duties of this particular sisterhood and opt to allow another sister to care for the responsibility she once carried. I love these women from the bottom of my heart for knowing where they are and for reaching out for help. Other sisters get gripped with fear and choose to remove her responsibilities. I love these women too, deeply, my heartaches for them. Before joining I was unaware of the intense camaraderie that this sorority brought. I had been observing from the outside my whole life, thinking I understood but I didn’t have a clue. Continue reading