Late Night Sandwiches

This was a few weeks back but quite possibly one of my favorite moments of 2014:

I love having boys. Judah and his snuggles are quite possibly my favorite things on the planet. It’s seven minutes til 5 (in the morning) and I have been up since Judah crawled into bed with me at 3:30. I transitioned him back to his room around 4 when we asked me to lotion his feet. Which is something he used to ask me to do pretty regularly when he was younger. As I was getting ready to leave his room I heard his stomach growl but chose to ignore it in hopes he would just fall back asleep. Being 34 weeks pregnant I actually grabbed a snack of my own and headed to bed. As I was finishing up while reading the Bible I once again heard little foot steps in the hallway. Judah was once again standing in my doorway declaring he was starving and he had to eat now! Continue reading