Watch What I Can Do

“Watch what I can do.” – God

I am hanging my life on these five little words.  I am choosing to be dependent on Him and seeing all He can, will and wants to do in our world.  My life will not be limited by my comprehension and imagination.  I serve the infinite God of wonders.  I trust His plan for my life.  I believe His dreams for me are bigger than my own.  He put me here as a vessel, a tool to be used on earth for His Kingdom.  He chose me to be a voice; a voice that challenges, encourages, loves and beckons His beloved ones home.  He made me a wife to kill me.  He gave me children to kill me some more.  He placed me perfectly in this family to train me.  He is using and will continue to use my family to show the world what His love is all about.

This year has been full of Everest high mountaintops and Death Valley lows.  I am determined to finish my year on a mountaintop or at least in the grueling process of climbing to the summit.  No more sitting in the valley of my own filth and self-loathing.  I will stand up, brush off the junk and press onward and upward.  I will use the words of the Lord as helium filled balloons to lift me up and carry me forward.  Wrestling with my flesh will no longer be a bad thing or something to avoid my spirit will prevail.