Bicentennial Dad

I do not think a butt dial could ever live up to the one I got tonight from my father!  I found it odd when I saw a missed call from my at nearly 10 pm tonight but I figured I should ring him back just to make sure all was well and what a fortuitous turn of events it caused.  I can only trace the conversation as far back as renewing his driver’s license and I can’t for the life of me remember how we got there. This lead to us talking about that time when he was able to add a fun new event to the game “Two Truths and A Lie” the ice breaker game that you try to figure out what is true about the person and whats not.  Let’s just say my dad has some awesome ones that no one would believe. Continue reading

Fire Trucks of Prayer

NRH Fire Truck - Ben SaladinoAt 22 months of age Judah has a total obsession with fire trucks, for months he has been in love with buses but now it is the bright red hues, flashing lights and siren that causes joy to erupt from his little being.  There have been multiple mornings while he is still in bed and he will hear the siren and from his room I can hear him gleefully exclaiming “FIRE TRUCK!” Anywhere we go he makes sure to let Abba and I know if there is a fire truck afoot.  I love it! His excitement and joy for the little things is contagious. Continue reading