Time Flies As Life Crawls By

Have you ever written or seen a date and immediately flashed back to another time in which that date was significant to you?  Dates are possibly one of my favorite things, they mark a passing of time, and they remind you of what was and push you to what is to come.  I can tell you the exact day and time (within a few hours) that Ian told me he liked me, I know the day my vertigo settled in for the long haul and when I received the love of Jesus and asked him into my heart.  Today is another one of those significant dates for my life; on February 25, 2009 I embarked on the most life changing adventures of my life.  Four years ago today I began my journey to New Zealand where God would take my heart and wreck it once again for Him, the day when my life truly seems to have begun.SFO Continue reading