Standards Part 2: The Nitty Gritty

[Disclaimer: this is a part of a series of blogs Standards Part 1: Beyond the Physical came before this if you missed it]

If you have been following this series I hope you are getting to know my heart behind purity and that it is less about not having sex and more about honoring your husband (or spouse) in the choices you make.  I was probably a bit more extreme in regards to the physical standards I had set for myself than most but I knew myself and didn’t want to open a door to make me more susceptible to falling into a sexual mishap.  I by no means think that my way is the only way, in fact I know it’s not, I believe with everything in me that it is key to seek what is best for you and knowing where the line of temptation is drawn specifically for you and your body. Continue reading

Standards Part 1: Beyond the Physical

[Disclaimer: this is a part of a series of blogs I Loved Him Before I Knew Him came before this if you missed it]

If one has a goal in mind they must set up a strategy on how they are going to accomplish said goal.  My No. 1 goal in getting to my wedding was not to have some elaborate wedding or marry Mr. Perfect, you know, that guy who can do no wrong, but instead I desired to be a virgin and honor my husband with the gift of my body.  In order to make it to that night with my virginity fully intact in this world I knew that I would have to live my life with intentionality, being mindful of my sexuality.  I by know means executed every step flawlessly but these different standards I set for myself helped me achieve my goal with success. Continue reading

I Loved Him Before I Knew Him

[Disclaimer: this is a part of a series of blogs, True Love Waits, Just the Start came before this if you missed it]

The thought of my family to come was a major player in my choices as a teen.  From a young age my heart and mind has been consumed with thoughts of leaving a legacy.  I think all young people want to be famous, the hero of their own story, to be a part of something bigger than themselves, I am no different from them.  Like a little boy in a Superman costume ready to take on the evil in this world or than a little girl dressed up as a princess parading around for the village people to see; I too want to see evil eradicated from this world and a small part of me even wants to be dressed in an elegant fashion and have little girls wanting to be like me.  In order for me to see any of this happen though I had to start by setting standards and live in a way that was focused on those around me. Continue reading